Ms. Stelin is partaking in the most coveted event in the art world: The Venice Biennale.

She's converging all her talents: being an artist, an award-winning educator and author, and a fashion designer, into one big interactive project focused on Venice as a muse.

Two monumental paintings include clues for quests around Venice. Garments are inspired by Venetian reflections and a childrens' book explores the complicated history of Venice. 

Thousands of attendees will be encouraged to roam the city's unique neighborhoods with their sketch books and paints, learn about crafts native to Venice and enter into a competition for best fabric design idea.

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"The workshop was perfect! I ended up taking the knowledge about color and doing some playing with paint a few days after the workshop with just a bottle of blue, a bottle of yellow, and a bottle of white. It was really fun to see the different shades I could get from just two colors + white!"

Ashley Smith, Software Engineer at Google

"I have participated in Diana's presentation about "Art in Your Home" and found it both engaging and helpful in thinking about how to select art for our house as well as how to position it in the best possible way. I would highly recommend her presentation for anyone interested in learning more about art collecting and making their home more unique through art"

Katya Taycher, Managing Director, Product Management at Charles River Development, a State Street Company



A Best of Boston award recipient, Stelin's school, The Plein-Air Art Academy, offers a wide variety of live and online courses, workshops and revolutionary motivational presentations on the power of creativity.

Her team is also ideal for team-building events, meetings, conferences and tradeshows, as well as corporate entertainment.

They customize their approach for every single client and offer an interactive experience unlike any other, (a far cry from cookie-cutter Paint Night gimmicks).

They inspire and empower students of all ages and skill levels to become more grounded, productive and most importantly more innovative in their approaches to problem solving.

Participants in their workshops leave energized and confident, employing the life-changing techniques in their work environments or proceeding to receive art awards, accolades and exhibits.

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On Valentine's Day 2019 Diana Stelin has released her first novel. It's a mix of her very popular blogs about the connections between a painting practice and our everyday lives, and a semi-fictional biographical account that demonstrates the power of art. 

Immerse yourself in this heartfelt and very authentically written account, and join the many thrilled readers who wrote raving reviews about this debut. The novel is available on Kindle, Audible and as a printed sot cover book. Read 'Searching for a Place to Call Home'

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What kept Diana getting out of bed during the quarantine was a dream she had since she was five years old, a dream of becoming a fashion designer. It went away when she was being practical and thinking about ways to monetize her knowledge, but kept coming back to her in visions as a 40 year old.