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Epidavros Olive Groves_3000p.jpg

Epidavros Olive Groves

The delicate lines of cypress trees piercing the void of cloudy skies, in complete contrast with the ragged textured mountain peaks. Even though the palette was full of subdued summer greens and purples, the landscape was breathing with life and layers of wonder.

36x48 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


Imagine getting drenched in the middle of summer, a refreshing way to remember the innocence of childhood and the thrill of doing something somewhat forbidden. The watercolor for this piece was created with rain water and the resulting oil and wax on canvas translates this feeling of things without boundaries. The inspiration is a classical entrance to a Greek villa.

30x40 inches,

Melted Oil an Wax on Canvas

Summer Rain_3000p.jpg
Watkins Glen_ Finger Lakes_ Gorges


This is the area in the Finger Lakes that is known for its gorges, for ravines where water works its way through the rocks and creates gorgeous new segments and vignettes. I love how the man-made structure fits right into the landscape and co-exists peacefully. The delicate nuances of organic textures sing with intensity and reach deep within one's soul.

18x24 inches

Melted Oil, Wax, Gold Leaf and Paper on Canvas


The drama of color in the sky and the soft repetitions of this expressive energy in the water. I can stare at this simple combination for hours. It reminds me of the joy of living every day, amidst such grandeur right in our own backyards.

30x40 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

Rays of Hope_3000p.jpg


Watching the Hollywood ending unfold after the rain is such a magnificent sight. The calming effects of sun rays reaching out, the swooshing of trees that is slowing down to a halt, the sounds of birds coming out of their hideaways spots. It demonstrates how every day is full of seasons, full of moods and opportunities to find peace and joy.

30x40 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


This piece was the cover for Stelin's debut novel, “Searching for a Place to Call Home”. It calls with its accented red roofs in the middle of soothing pastures of the French countryside, like visiting grandma over the summer, a beacon of simple living.

36x48 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

Pastoral large_oil_wax.jpg


Imagine intricate movement in the sky, commotion in the clouds, as if a magical being is creating the next masterpiece and we're privy to watching it unfold. It's incredibly calming, and inspiring to relax into such a daily sight.

36x48 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas