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Meditative artrooms

We all suffer from Covid induced Burnout:


  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion


  • Increased mental distance from our jobs


  • Feelings of negativism or cynicism related to our jobs


  • And reduced professional efficacy


  • Neuroplasticity is key in the brain’s evolution, structure, and ability to repair, or re-channel pathways. Because exposure to art invokes and stimulates both brain hemispheres, creating or viewing art stimulates the motor cortex even though there may be no movement involved. (Demarin, Bedeković, Puretić, & Pašić, 2016)

  • ​ University of Toronto study found that, in addition to the visual cortex being activated, other, deeper state areas of the brain were also activated. These areas include the brain’s pleasure and reward (serotonin) system. (Campbell, 2014)

  • Professors find that performing arts, music, literature, and the visual arts build critical thinking, observation, communication, bias awareness, and empathy skills that “science” just can’t provide. At Yale, Harvard, and University of Texas Austin, medical students are required to visit museums and describe the works in precise detail. (Lesser, 2017)(Bolwerk, Mack-Andrick, Lang, Dörfler, & Maihöfner, 2014


Missionfor Art&Work spaces

  • To provide Meditative Spaces that help us stop the race, relax, heal and rejuvenate for the rest of the day.

  • To create a true wellness oasis.

  • To offer opportunities for people to belong to an experience, not just be observers.

  • We do this through creative prompts that enable visitors of all skill levels to experiment with art & become more innovative,

  • We're passionate about bringing people back from burnout via team building environments, work/life balance spaces, and easy self-care strategies.

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