Spring Softness at Yellowstone


Early spring has its own palette and mood. It's one of soft re-birth and gentle pastels. The array of textures on view here is what makes this incredible painting: ranging from the smoothness of the rocks to the jagged hills up above to the flowing reflections of it all in the delicate lake.

36x48 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


This was Diana's first time to this part of the area and it truly deserves its namesake. The stones shine with brilliant gold hues every time the sun hits the peaks and ridges. It’s a true marvel. One can spend hours just hanging out on a ledge here, being in complete serenity.

Yellowstone Sunset_3000p.jpg

near zion

Amidst solitary pines and jagged multi-level rock formations one feels the truly sublime nature of the world. Everything blends and yet stands on its own, adding unique elements that one's eye never gets tired of absorbing.


It feels like you're walking on Mars. The narrow hallways leading into mysterious openings, the multi-colored cliffs of the most surreal shapes, the rare bunches of greenery accentuating the warmth of the landscape. It's transcendental