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The myth of Daphne has always fascinated Diana as it speaks to our innate desire to dissolve into the world, to become a voyeur, to be part of something much larger than us. Her first painting from this series was stolen from her college thesis studio, so it garnered attention even in her 20's. This piece is striking due to its splatter paint technique that translates the feeling of fleeting cherry blossoms so well!

32x42 inches framed in contemporary gold

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


You probably don't see a woman perched on the side of the bridge, quietly gazing over the lush reflections in the water. She's in complete serenity and balance with the world around her.

36x48 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas



Dogwood trees blooming are a sight to truly behold, with their delicate flowers reaching in all directions. This particular tree was shaped just like a woman sitting down to be alone with her thoughts, wanting to blend into the void.

30x40 inches

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


Diana often sees people hiding out in trees. This particular summer weeping willow was a woman letting her hair down, stepping out of the shower or simply wanting to feel free and unobstructed.

30 x 40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

Letting Go_3000p.jpg
Torment of Daphne_3000p.jpg


This was the first piece in this series, the one that explored the visceral feeling of a woman turning into a tree. One can feel the agony of limbs turning into branches, skin drying up in awe in disbelief. There're  contradicting emotions here. On one hand, there's eternity at stake, on another - the loss of human connection and touch. 

30x40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

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