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Athens layers large.jpg


Layers of history in this quintessential Athens print

24 X 28 inches

Pencil Signed Limited Edition of 10 on Strathmore Paper

flower street

A winding road punctuated by bright blue flower pots - an iconic view of Andalusian quaint streets and cherished atmosphere. It's the contrast of white stones and the brilliance of florals that create an unforgettable impression.

18 x 24 inches.

Oil, wax, paper elements on canvas.

Girona oil.jpg


A future print fabric, this is a fun Klee inspired compilation of Girona balconies reflected in its quaint waters

18x24 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas, Golf Leaf and Paper Additions

Rio Tera dei
franceschi: venice

Soothing, quieter canals of Canareggio, where life is bustling and 'skyscrapers' are abound

52 1/2 inches x 82 1/2 inches

Oil, Gold Leaf, Paper Additions on Canvas


near Teatro
la fenice: venice

Striking reflections in Venetian canals that show centuries of secrets, intrigues and endless inspiration. This was the inspiration for Italian silk fabric created through Gallerista.

52 1/2 inches x 82 1/2 inches

Oil, Gold Leaf, Paper Additions on Canvas

Croatia Castillo Split.jpg

castillo split

A fishing village at the foothills of multi-layered mountans. This idyllic Croatian seaside town is a thing of visions - total serenity, calm and balance between all things human and nature.


Playful reflections of vibrant Venetian palazzos, windows deep into our soul, patterns, color combinations. It's amazing how our world transforms when it's reflected.

Sunlit Jerusalem Rooftops

Jerusalem Rooftops

What is striking about Jerusalem is the medley of cultures, the cacophony and harmony of its mosques coexisting with church bells, synagogue austerity along with the blazing sun. It’s the birthplace of us all and one feels a homecoming of sorts at every visit.


Jaffa is a blend of colors, of flavors, of architecture and culture. The clock symbolizes its perennial significance, its existence since the beginning of time.

jaffa light original 300dpi.jpg
Venetian Gondola_3000p.jpg


There’s something truly remarkable about the reflections in Venetian waters. All these varied centuries of culture seem to be present in the water, the paint peeling off the walls and playing in sparkles underneath. Being in Venice is like being in a magical surprise. It’s a treat, especially when one sits with it, lives with it for an extended time, not as a passing tourist.


This is one of the very few pieces Diana created from her imagination. It was a dream that came to her and blended influences from all the places where she lived at some point: Rome, Paris, Moscow, Boston. In this dream there's a girl on her own precious island, attempting to find a home, to be a nomad, or a citizen of the world.

30x40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

In the collection of DeCordova Corporate Art Program

New Spark_3000p.jpg


Sitting on the banks of Danube looking over the medieval spires of Prague was a truly magical moment. If you ever read stories from the Black Forest, written by Hans Christian Anderson or Brothers Grimm, this is that magical kingdom that awaits all who seek happiness and joy.

30x40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas

Ponte del Lovo:

Venice's layers of history augmented and erased by water

52 1/2 inches x 82 1/2 inches

Oil, Gold Leaf, Paper Additions on Canvas

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