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of grand tetons

The softest re-birth shown with an array of purples, pinks and yellow greens. This piece was chosen for Diana's first meditative art room, to demonstrate the essence of spring.

36x48 inches,

Melted Oil & Wax on Canvas

Spring Softness at Yellowstone


Amidst solitary pines and jagged multi-level rock formations one feels the truly sublime nature of the world. Everything blends and yet stands on its own, adding unique elements that one's eye never gets tired of absorbing.

death valley

The striking contrast of blue skies and scorched desert sands is the focus of this piece. Piercing the landscape are powerful jagged trees, surviving between the state of petrified wood and stoic greenery.

30 x 40 inches

Oil, Gold Leaf, Paper Additions on Canvas

death valley.jpg


It feels like you're walking on Mars. The narrow hallways leading into mysterious openings, the multi-colored cliffs of the most surreal shapes, the rare bunches of greenery accentuating the warmth of the landscape. It's transcendental


This is the part of the park that gives it its name, a Grand Canyon-like feel of a massive ravine, spruced up by jotting trees and their sprawling roots

Yellowstone Sunset_3000p.jpg
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