18 x 24 inches unframed


This is one of my newest pieces where a technique of oil/wax gold leaf and paper additions is utilized. This piece reminds me of fairytales I read when I was little, ones where there was a sleeping curse enveloping a whole kingdom. This is the moment when the sun shines on the castle and all is waking up.


Oil and Wax on Canvas, with  Gold Leaf and Paper Additions


This is a painting created with 4 layers of oil pigments mixed with wax. It will not be damaged by the sun and is all set to hang with or without a frame.

Alhambra - A Look Within

  • All pieces are sold on visual approval. As soon as the payment clears, they're shipped for you to try in different areas of your home of office space. Should it not work for you, it is completely refundable within 30 days from purchase.

Marble Surface

Venice Biennale Public Art project

Three tier project in which you can participate today has been approved!

1) 2 Monumental Pieces of Venice

2) A virtual and in person treasure hunt and quest based on those pieces around Venice

3) A contest for sketches of Venice to be featured as new fabric designs