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Rome to me is this incredible pairing of bustling life and layers of history. I lived right around the corner from here when I studied abroad, near Campo dei Fiori. There was an intoxicating smell from a bakery next door, bikes swooshing by, and layers of peeling paint that show how many generations made their lives here before us. This is the very first piece where gold leaf was introduced, to demonstrate flickers of light dancing on the buildings. It is all about that warm glow on Roman stones.


I absolutely love Rome and its incredible layers of history, coexisting and contributing to the modern world. I love the peeling paint and an opportunity to peek into all those layers. 

Rome:Layers of History

  • All pieces are sold on visual approval. As soon as the payment clears, they're shipped for you to try in different areas of your home of office space. Should it not work for you, it is completely refundable within 30 days from purchase.

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