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"We wanted to thank you for working with us on capturing on canvas our "Happy Place". This was obviously the first time we decided to commission a painting, and we cautiously approached it while having a very vague idea in our heads.

You made the process easy on us. Thank you for your flexibility in meeting with us, sending us sketches, phone conversation or taking time to drive to our Cape house. And most of all, thank you for listening to our ideas, kindly providing your feedback, polishing the resultant concept, and finally delivering the beautiful painting we will enjoy for years to come.

We enjoyed the whole process! Very happy with our commissioned painting and can't wait to get it framed and rearrange existing paintings in the house per your suggestions to make the whole thing look just perfect."

Marconi beach


install rennie.jpg

falmouth sunsets



Falmouth marshes

A stunning combo of instantly recognizable marshes of Southwest Cape and the beautifully placed rare cottages. The mirrored surface of reflections contrasts with the textures stalks and powdery clouds. 

60x40 inches

Oil, wax, paper and gold leaf on Canvas

Cape Cod Marshes_3000p.jpg


A new technique where oil and wax are mixed from the start, and gold leaf is added as the last layer, when the wax gets melted with a heating lamp. Sun-bathed beach scene in the midst of Martha's Vineyard where cliffs are made of rainbow colored clay which shines and transforms into abstractions.

60x40 inches,

Melted Oil, Wax, and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Miami Vibe


The striking contrast between the sky and the water has always fascinated Diana, understanding the flow of constructed clouds vs the calming direction of waves in the horizon, that scene that one can engage us for hours and hours. Add to that the slight color nuances between the turquoise and cerulian, mimicking each other at times but having their own kingdom of influences. Water is regal and that is what this piece aims to show.

60x40 inches,

Melted Oil, Wax, and Gold Leaf on Canvas


It pays off to wake up early, to have the world to yourself, and the early birds of prey. What an awakening sight – to have the waves crash against the rocks, full of morning rigor and vitality.

Mexico Morning_3000p.jpg
Wind of Hope_3000p.jpg


A jagged cliff dotted with cypress trees. This is the essence of Northern Californian coast line. It calls Diana in her dreams, this desire to record the wind in the delicate branches, the warm rocks against bright blue waters, the irreplaceable beauty of the open sea beyond the cliffs.

38x48 inches, framed in contemporary gold frame

Melted Oil, Wax, and Gold Leaf on Canvas


This was Diana's little girl’s first time on the beach, or the 1st time she truly felt it, on the banks of Brittany, in France. Diana wanted to capture this moment of initial exhilaration at  the sight of the water, at the opportunity to walk in and feel its cooling touch.

Girl on the Beach_3000p.jpg
Before the Storm_3000p.jpg


It's that dramatic time right when the thunderstorm is forming, where there're no boundaries between sea and sky, when things are truly melting into one another, wanting to be part of the same spectacle. Diana shows this yearning relationship to dissolve into the world.

30x40 inches,

Melted Oil & Wax on Canvas

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