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Our Story

Opened September 18th, 2023 and Diana Stelin Gallery and Art Academy brings together all sects of the creative world. Our location in Coolidge Corner, a high-foot-traffic spot in the emerging cultural borough of Brookline in Boston, MA allows more traffic, more visibility, and more community awareness. The namesake founder, Diana Stelin, has pursued every avenue of the art world throughout her 25 years in the field and, for this new venture, she brings them all together. A Best of Boston award recipient, Stelin's school, The Plein-Air Art Academy, offers a wide variety of live and online courses, workshops and revolutionary motivational presentations on the power of creativity. The space allows for a bright and open gallery space flexible for any facet of the arts. 

What do we offer?

The front of the space is a high end gallery with two rooms: the main space houses the group shows, while the auxiliary space is dedicated to solo spotlights the back is a classroom setting for children, teens and adults. Diana pushes the functional boundaries of an art gallery in a logistically brilliant way by inviting corporate events and professor talks; artist-led workshops and wine & free-paint events.


The gallery hosts rotating exhibits featuring female artists who work across a range of media, including fashion design. Hosting a small number of artists maintains ideological consistency in the group shows and ensures that each artist has a solo exhibition within a year of joining. The back of the space operates as an art school for all ages, offering a range of classes for students serious about art and is also available for rent for birthday parties, corporate retreats, private events & celebrations, author talks, networking events, and more!

What do we stand for?

We emphasize and lift up female and queer voices in the artist community, espoused by Diana's personal story as a female artist in a decreasingly male-dominated space. Artists lead the curative direction, but collaborate with the team. Furthermore, artists maintain full agency regarding their oeuvre. 

Our true passion is Creativity: getting everyone to recognize it resides within each of us. Diana Stelin is the Founder of the SPARK strategy, which is a modality to heal burnout, a unique method to engage participants and create a sense of belonging, a practice for constant innovation, and most importantly a technique to achieve higher productivity through Flow. We love empowering kids, teens and adults to foster a profound connection to self and surroundings. ​

Meet the Team

Diana Stelin

Founder of the Flow Method, and recipient of Best of Boston award, Diana Stelin is on a mission to reduce Burnout through Creativity - the topic of the Ted talk she presented in March'22. Her pieces are in private and corporate collections nationwide.


Diana's life of creative exploration began when she was 13. Her family relocated from Moldova to Bloomfield, New Jersey and she enrolled in an art class. Through her difficult teenage years, she found solace in expressing herself through creating art. Her BFA degree at Cornell University was followed by a MS at Boston University, where she continued to develop a unique free-flowing painting style. After graduation, she managed the world-renowned DTR Modern Galleries. She subsequently founded The Plein-Air Art Academy, and received a Best of Boston Award for kids' art classes.

She published a highly acclaimed novel about the importance of art for our psyche, and in recent years has presented a TedX talk on using creativity to fight burnout, appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts, wrote a children’s book, founded a clothing line based on her art, and exhibited her work at the 2022 Venice Biennale.


She lives in the Boston area but her pieces are in corporate and private collections worldwide, and she uses her expertise in her proprietary flow processes as a consultant in creative corporate workshops and talks.

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Morgan Rice

I need a blurb about Morgan! 

since she's been here since the beginning I think she should be first 

Amy LeFebvre

Enamored with the art world since she was a child, Amy jumped into the museum world during college at Ohio Wesleyan University where she participated in a Theory-to-Practice trip inviting New Mexican artists to exhibit at the school and a year-long Gallery Management course. During her senior year she was part of the three-person board for the student Gallery, organizing and installing exhibitions. 

Post-college she had an internship and job at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA and later a research fellowship position at the Thomas Cole National Historical Site working on original research and working on site. This experience served her well when she moved to the Good Purpose Gallery where she organized every aspect of shows featuring local artists, eventually taking a job and moving to Boston in 2020 to work in the International Poster Gallery. 

Thrilled to be part of a new and exciting enterprise, Amy works with Diana to help bring the Gallery visions to fruition and help create a beautiful and welcoming space. 

Recent Highlights

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