"Diana's distinctive paintings are worldly, lively and inviting. They tell stories through smiling eyes of a woman who immigrated to the United States as a child, carrying a wanderlust that continues to push her to all corners of the world and that is palpable in her nostalgic paintings.  Her sense of color and tone rivals that of the Modern Masters.  Her compositions flirt with fantasy yet somehow keep two feet planted firmly on the ground.  What could be a simple landscape is anything but.  They drive the viewer to recall a moment from their own lives - a windy day among friends and cherry blossoms in May or dusk in a foreign city; the evening sky rich with the possibilities of a new place", Caroline, Salem, MA.

"Diana is amazing both as a artist and as a teacher. We've never bought original art before and I had no idea of how to do this. What if you choose something that won't work in your house? What if you get tired of it? How high do you hang it? I've been in love with Diana's landscapes for years and when I finally asked her about buying a painting, she couldn't make the process any more comfortable and enjoyable. She had me come over to the studio to choose a few paintings that I liked. Then she brought them over to my house to see on my wall. This was incredibly helpful and made me change my mind about the painting that I went with. She helped me figure out exactly how to position the painting and told me that if we change our mind within a month, we could always try something different. We haven't changed our mind. We still love it", Helen, Natick, MA

"I find Diana's paintings very romantic without being overly so. Looking at them makes my heart smile without overwhelming my pancreas and causing an insulin spike by feeling sugary sweet. I just look at them and exhale. Like everything is ok as long as beauty like this exists in this world." Olga, Westfield, NJ."

"Loving this painting because the color scheme reminds me of a pine forest in the hot summer days and fits perfectly into our dining room and in the whole idea of our house that is surrounded by lots of beautiful trees. Despite being an oil painting, it has a light and airy quality to it, it doesn't overwhelm you". Anya M, Needham, MA

"This painting reminds me of one the best vacation I had in Italy when I was young, naive and in love. It represents for me everything that youth does: the freedom of expression, spontaneity, naiveté, delicate awkwardness and colorful emotionality." Anna K, Belmont, MA

"I love the magical world of Diana’s paintings. The colors are masterly woven into an intricate tapestry. The scenery is not static. You can almost feel the light wind caressing your skin and see the moving tree branches. Diana’s world is alive. It’s living and breathing, warm, inviting, joyful, serene. It draws you in and leaves a lasting impression", Katerina, Boston, MA