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Diana Stelin Gallery

A new gallery in Coolidge Corner, Brookline

Diana Stelin Gallery is a store-front space that hosts group and solo shows for a curated group of 10-12 artists. This small number of artists maintains ideological consistency in the group shows and ensures that each artist has a solo exhibition within a year of joining. Our sales team, headed by Diana and backed by her extensive network, is motivated by commission, and always deferent to the wants of each individual artist.


Commitment to the Artist

We emphasize and lift up female and queer voices in the artist community, espoused by Diana's personal story as a female artist in a decreasingly male-dominated space. Artists lead the curative direction, but collaborate with the team. Furthermore, artists maintain full agency regarding their oeuvre. 

Visibility and diversity of customer base is a highlight of the cooperative ideology. 

Diana Stelin Gallery and Art Academy brings together all sects of the creative world, which means more traffic, more visibility, and more community awareness. The front of the space is a high end gallery with two rooms: the main space houses the group shows, while the auxiliary space is dedicated to solo spotlights. The back is a classroom setting for children, teens and adults. Diana pushes the functional boundaries of an art gallery in a logistically brilliant way by inviting corporate events and professor talks; artist-led workshops and wine & free-paint events. With the multi-functionality of the space, the artwork reaches the eyes of all walks of life.

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