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Gratitude for the time dial...

Twenty years ago I lived in this same neighborhood, miserable, going through a heartbreak and divorce, walking to work while longingly peeking into shops' windows. That lost little girl could never imagine that she would be a shop owner here one day, looking out towards the souls of the passersby. She so needed a hug, probably passing right near my windows on her way to the dreaded train.

It was a phase that passed, but a time when a seed was planted, that hope for a brighter, calmer future. If she were to reincarnate in front of me, that 24- year old version of me, I'd tell her to soak it in, to gulp in the knowledge and experiences, but to not take it all so personally, to not allow words become knives. At the end of the day you remember the good, you accumulate wisdom, and the trauma simply makes you resilient.

Now if I flipped this time machine, or rather shifted the dial by another twenty years, to my 64 year old version. What would this very well traveled, cultured, successful and compassionate woman tell me?

Enjoy today - she would say, as it all passes so quickly. Don't beat yourself up for all the little misfortunes. They're blimps in the circle of life. Revel in your bright working mind, the one that jumps incessantly and creates parallels between everything. Appreciate being in your prime, with kids who need you, ask for you, say "I Love You" constantly, wish you good night every evening, even the teenager. You've been blessed with attaining all of your dreams, live in them, with gratitude.

How often do we stop to consult with the clock of destiny, to analyze our growth, to feel like we lived a life worth living? Maybe today is the day...


It’s only been two months but so much has already transpired in this new space, from networking events to a stunning artist filled launch event, to countless workshops, art classes and birthday parties for all ages!

There is also a voyeuristic aspect to my painting in front of the busy window: an energy that passes between the passersby and myself, exposing my practice to the world. There’s so much possibility with fascinating people who pass through – an interfaith specialist, organizing a panel in March for women’s month, a thriving academic community hungry for after class talks and workshops, children, with their excited voices, carrying down the street. That gleeful scream of a four-year-old when she finds the perfect new hue – priceless!

Every area in this grand space invites a different treatment, developing its own flow, beckoning a distinctive voice, a different type of a client. It’s amazing to build a hub for creativity in Coolidge Corner!

Come by to check it out for yourself!

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