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Nights to Member

Timeless conversations, chats between old souls, connections on a deeper level, on a more humane level.

Have you ever felt that some people lift you up, prove that this life is worth living, and others are akin to energy vampires, robbing you of light, using your precious resources without so much as a thank you? Where do you find yourself most of the time? Is that a choice?

Covid had a wonderful silver lining. It forced us into isolation and thereafter - careful choices about whom to let back in. Now that we're slowly getting back to normal, the true decision process beckons. Who do we choose to allow into our precious lives?

The other day, as I was creating a new vision board, a phrase popped up in it, a cut up phrase. It said: "Nights to Member". To me it meant that I don't need to put up with people who are condescending. I have a choice to stay away from users. There's no shame in avoiding toxicity. There's nothing to prove, no one to convince, risking dignity and self-respect.

I'm heading to another Renaissance weekend tonight, a gathering of world-famous change makers who're humble, giving and exceptionally supportive. I can't wait for more of that incredibly powerful vibe among people who truly care about changing the world. I aspire to be that altruistic person who wants to give all her talents for the greater good of this world.

Yet, last week I attended an event frequented by Boston Brahmins, who're the exact opposite. In my past life I would put up with them, suck up to that awful energy, feel lesser than.

But now I see that white has so many nuances, so many colors hidden within, so many carefully orchestrated choices. I choose to be white.


Happy Fall!

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