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Inaugural Show: A Selection of Sustainability

For the inaugural show at Diana Stelin Gallery, 6 artists, including the founder and director Diana Stelin, tell a story of sustainability from a female voice. Highlighting female artists is an important part of the gallery’s mission, as they have been long underserved their accolades and recognition in the art world at large. Each artist showcased also has a specific emphasis on sustainability. Each communicate, in a different way, a message about the fragility of our earth. Some reference this thematically, some ideologically. It is important not to take the concepts literally, because there is no literalness in creativity. To ask of our artists to restrict their creative process to the confines of an overt theme would be as unjust as asking the viewer to do the same with their interpretive consumption process. We ask that you come with an open mind—open to your own creativity with regard to the way the art might move you—and enjoy an open-ended discussion about sustainability, the visible impacts of climate change, the lonely feeling of inhabiting a planet in decline.

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