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Insights after trip to Morocco

My eyes are opened wide after this trip - to human snobbery, selfishness, disregard for the beauty that's called life. Is that what basic survival does to us - brings out all our flaws - kill or be killed, persistence of the fittest?

The desert is constantly in front of my eyes. Is it because part of me has this hope that it kills off the sins of humanity so that we can start fresh? Maybe when Venice sinks, we'll finally understand our gluttony? Perhaps when the icebergs melt and our civilizations go along with them, we'd have that opportunity to enter the Garden of Eden again - pristine sand dunes and calm waters as the cradle for a new evolved civilization? Does it have to come to that?

Or can we finally wake up from the daze? We only mourn once we lose someone or something of value. What if we learn to see the beauty now? Can we be taught to do that? Can we be fundamentally good? Educated to not be jealous, not hold grudges for years, to value the talents and virtues of our neighbors, to work together and not against one another?

I have so much to learn as a human. I hope to keep growing every day, and pass on that knowledge to my kids. What if they're sick already? Ill with judgement, with self-doubt, with skepticism? How can all our minds be healed?

More questions than solutions today. What are your thoughts?

Here's to a breakthrough in the New Year, to more presence, to more growth.

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