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Role of Art in the Time of Covid

I was among the lucky ones who got to see the Venice Carnivale right before it shut down due to the pandemic. We skied in the Dolomites, drove through lovely Alpine villages and had no idea what was awaiting us just a few short weeks ahead. Put into quarantine upon our return, we were in quite a bit of shock over the situation, but I did get out to Disney World with my little one on our last trip before it all closed down.

I'm so glad that I had all these opportunities and I can cherish them now in my memory, through my photos and most importantly through my art. I'm realizing that in my chase to complete my bucket list, I rarely stopped to truly be grateful for all these places and now is my true chance to do that. When I enter my studio, I can relive the moments of wonder, the memories of joy, the feelings of bliss and grounding. My pieces have become so much more emotional, so full of nostalgia and true longing. I feel pain in not traveling and that pain makes my soul sing and bring out true products of love.

When we look at art in museums, on our walls, in a friend's home, that experience elicits emotions. Paintings of places trigger memories, they bring us to a certain state of being, they transport us to our days of wonder. When travel is no longer accessible, wall art becomes that virtual trip down memory lane, but as opposed to a photo, it doesn't just bring out the memory. It brings out feelings, smells, sensations of being in that place. It transports us to a certain time, on a certain day, the inner strings of our hearts pulled ever so powerfully.

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