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You’ve had an extraordinary life.

Full of extraordinary moments.

Shared with extraordinary people.

Commemorate those people and honor those moments with an exquisite “moment in time” commission.

A commissioned oil painting by Diana Stelin is a collaborative experience between you and the artist, where you work together but are led by the creativity and expertise of Stelin to create an emotive representation of a momentous event in your life or the life of a loved one.

“Moment in time” commissions are one of a kind works of art to commemorate special occasions and honor such life events as when you first met your wife or husband, your honeymoon, a memorable family trip, where your children were born, or even a special place where your loved one lights up with the laughter and smiles that you so cherish.


The process includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your project

  • In-depth phone consultation to discuss the feelings you'd like to convey, your ideal palette. Employing Stelin's expertise as former VP of a gallery, you determine proper size in your home or office

  • Work begins either based on your photos, or

  • Stelin travels to your special location and creates 3 plein-air watercolors from which you will choose the ultimate inspiration for your oil/wax/gold leaf piece

  • Your end result is presented framed, along with an artful photobook that houses your photo inspiration, the original sketches, and all the process shots of your ultimate unique collaboration


Timeline: 4-8 weeks 

Rush Timeline: 3 weeks


Please book a consultation with Diana today!

Best of Boston
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