You’ve had an extraordinary life.

Full of extraordinary moments. 

Shared with extraordinary people. 


Commemorate those people and honor those moments with an exquisite “moment in time” commission.

A commissioned oil painting by Diana Stelin is a collaborative experience between you and the artist, where you work together but are led by the creativity and expertise of Stelin to create an emotive representation of a momentous event in your life or the life of a loved one.

"Diana's distinctive paintings are worldly, lively and inviting. They tell stories through smiling eyes of a woman who immigrated to the United States as a child, carrying a wanderlust that continues to push her to all corners of the world and that is palpable in her nostalgic paintings.  Her sense of color and tone rivals that of the Modern Masters.  Her compositions flirt with fantasy yet somehow keep two feet planted firmly on the ground.  What could be a simple landscape is anything but.  They drive the viewer to recall a moment from their own lives - a windy day among friends and cherry blossoms in May or dusk in a foreign city; the evening sky rich with the possibilities of a new place", Caroline, Salem, MA.​

"OH MY GORGEOUSNESS!!!!! Photographs do not do it justice. It is magnificent. Thank you! Looking at this makes me feel so happy- we can see it from most of the main floor and upper floor so we get every angle. The gold leaf is such an incredible addition. You captured it so well. Nothing would have happened at all without your inspiration and incredible gift." Karen, Colorado

"I love the magical world of Diana’s paintings. The colors are masterly woven into an intricate tapestry. The scenery is not static. You can almost feel the light wind caressing your skin and see the moving tree branches. Diana’s world is alive. It’s living and breathing, warm, inviting, joyful, serene. It draws you in and leaves a lasting impression", Katerina, Boston, MA

“Moment in time” commissions are one of a kind works of art to commemorate special occasions and honor such life events as when you first met your wife or husband, your honeymoon, a memorable family trip, where your children were born, or even a special place where your loved one lights up with the laughter and smiles that you so cherish.


The process includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your project

  • In-depth phone consultation to discuss the feelings you'd like to convey, your ideal palette. Employing Stelin's expertise as former VP of a gallery, you determine proper size in your home or office

  • Work begins either based on your photos, or

  • Stelin travels to your special location and creates 3 plein-air watercolors from which you will choose the ultimate inspiration for your oil/wax/gold leaf piece

  • Your end result is presented framed, along with an artful photobook that houses your photo inspiration, the original sketches, and all the process shots of your ultimate unique collaboration


Timeline: 4-8 weeks 

Rush Timeline: 3 weeks


Please book a consultation with Diana today!

Marble Surface

Venice Biennale Public Art project

Three tier project in which you can participate today has been approved!

1) 2 Monumental Pieces of Venice

2) A virtual and in person treasure hunt and quest based on those pieces around Venice

3) A contest for sketches of Venice to be featured as new fabric designs