“I admire the expression Diana achieves through her energized marks. They animate each painting and really bring them to life. They are very well painted and capture not just an interesting cross between the actual and the abstracted, but really provide a sense of place with quite positive energy.” Elizabeth Erdreich White Fine Art: Corporate Art Consultant 



Chestnut hill plAZA: "Art in the Square"

a curated public exhibit where

Stelin repped USA


Google headquarters employee dining

Cambridge, MA Office Install



My kids enjoying the spaciousness of a large Kendall Square lobby


smaller businesses

Diana Stelin's works create conversations in restaurants, cideries, and hair salons, bring joy to patients and visitors in hospitals and senior centers, and are a unique way to frame and enliven any high traffic space.

Call to get on Stelin's commission schedule and see what might work best for you!


Venice Biennale Public Art project

Three tier project in which you can participate today has been approved!

1) 2 Monumental Pieces of Venice

2) A virtual and in person treasure hunt and quest based on those pieces around Venice

3) A contest for sketches of Venice to be featured as new fabric designs