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Japanese Gates into the Void_3000p.jpg


It was a blistery winter day but the sun was intent on being out, on shining its soothing light over the woods and this inviting entryway into the wonder of the forest. Though the palette here is quite limited, the light plays a huge effect in shaping up the conversation between lines, colors and perspective.

30x40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


In the dark of winter Diana had a visitor come to her studio on the daily basis, a regal hawk. He’d sit out on a branch directly opposite her easel and almost watch her paint. It was such a beautiful communication with the world at large that she couldn’t pass the opportunity to paint him, reflecting his golden hues amidst stark winter blues.



Sun rays in winter are so soft and peaceful, unencumbered by foliage, clear and calming. This piece was painted on a closed veranda, opening up to the world in all its delicate winter glory.

30x40 inches 

Melted Oil and Wax on Canvas


Stunning spires of Austrian churches were made for the majestic winters of the Alps. One feels like he enters a fairytale and any minute a princess will fly out of the entrance in her regalia. A truly shining piece of childhood.

Serenity in the Alps_3000p.jpg
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