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During the quarantine, what kept Diana motivated to rise each day was a childhood dream that had nestled itself in her heart at the tender age of five: to become a fashion designer. Though she temporarily set it aside while pragmatically pondering how to commercialize her skills, it persisted, returning to her in vivid visions even as a forty-year-old.

Now, that dream has blossomed into reality, and we're excited to share it with you! Through unique limited edition prints inspired by her paintings, Diana seamlessly merges her artistic vision with her passion for fashion. Drawing from her gallery background, she crafts capsules tailor-made for the empowered, creative woman. 




And in response to client requests, the latest addition to Gallerista introduces select girls' pieces, designed to complement bespoke creations for their mothers. It's not just about style; it's about nurturing a special bond and instilling sustainable fashion values from a young age. Join us as we celebrate this remarkable milestone!

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