Transport Yourself to Venice Biennale:

Sponsor an American Installation at Venice's Renowned Worldwide Art Exhibition

Be a Part of a Magical Experience all Year Long

The Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia) is the most well known international art event, featuring the most innovative and thought-provoking artists from around the world. I am honored to be invited by the European Cultural Council to prepare an art installation proposal for this coveted international art fair.  


Now you can be a part of this too. Your donation will sponsor an art installation to be enjoyed by thousands of visitors from all over the world over the course of six months.


Your donation will support an art installation of two monumental pieces, complemented by plein air watercolors and custom designed garments inspired by the exuberance of Carnivale and the architecture and reflections of Venice itself.


scope ofproject

You don’t have to wait until 2022 to see the artwork


The art fair isn’t until 2022, but this project begins right now!  The sketch for the first painting is ready to go - I’ll take you along the journey with me.


  • Virtual open studio event in April'21 where you can meet the artist and watch the process

  • Sneak peek of each clue as they are being revealed

  • Come on a virtual tour of Venice with me as I prepare for the second piece

  • Explore the gardens in Venice with my during my travels to Venice

​Traveling to Venice?  Come enjoy the interactive portion of the installation.


  • You’ll get a treasure map with our own sketch pad

  • Follow the clues of historic Venice to discover the city’s hidden gems

  • Participate in the project’s art inspired scavenger hunt

  • Enter your sketch to become the inspiration for Gallerista’s next fabric design!


You can be a part of Biannale right from your own home!


  • Your family can do the scavenger hunt too! All quests will be available virtually.

  • Enter our contest for the inspiration of Gallerista’s next fabric design

Bringing Art and Fashion from Boston to the World


In this project, Plein Air Art Academy’s own Diana Stelin will create an interactive art installation over the next year, using Venice itself as her muse. You can help make this happen!


  • Several monumental size oil and wax paintings inspired by the Venetian landscape. 

  • Plein-air watercolor paintings based on beautiful Venice neighborhoods, reflecting both their rich history and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Fashion designs from Gallerista, created with fabrics that are as vibrant and beautiful as the Venetian architecture and carnival costumes.


Venice is a city rich with art and history.  The artist will weave hidden clues into each painting with a special map of Venice, inviting our viewers to join a quest as detectives to explore this beautiful city.


To further the viewing experience, our installation will be complete with short educational videos to explain the encaustic method of combining oil paint and wax, a technique used to create a rich texture. When melted, this technique is a powerful way to represent reflections and transitions of architecture into the canals.


Viewers are also guided through basic watercolor techniques to use to sketch different parts of the city as part of the interactive quest around the treasures of Venice. 


Visitors of all ages will get a postcard sized watercolor paper to try their hand at capturing the Venetian landscape themselves. Submit your finished watercolor for the chance to inspire the next printed fabric at Gallerista!



Donate now and become a part of a movement!

  • Become a Voyeur: Get Weekly Updates $20

  • Want to be a Venice Tour Guide? Solve a quest! $35

  • Ride on a Gondola: Virtual Studio Visit $50

  • Be a Patron of the Arts: Own a Signed print $150

  • Become a Collector: Signed Watercolor $450

  • Join the Carnivale: Get a Unique Outfit $700

  • Be a True Sponsor: Get an Oil Piece $5,000

tarawest_silk dress proprietary.jpg


Join me for this journey through Venice!


Your sponsorship will not only bring this incredible art installation to the world, but you’ll also get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of the journey of art creation along the way.

January/February 2021: Creation of 1st Large Scale Painting

March/April 2021: Manufacturing of Garments to go along with the Painting

June 2021: Visiting Venice for further research/Plein-Air Sketches/Quest Creation

July/August 2021: Creation of 2nd Large Scale Painting

September/October 2021: Manufacturing of garments to go along with 2nd painting

November/December 2021: Video and other Exhibit material creation/Marketing materials

January 2022: Install and Troubleshooting/ Marketing Campaign

February 2022 - July 2022: Show Time!