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See this incredible multi-media exhibit at:

Palazzo Mora, 3rd floor

Strada Nuova #3659, Cannaregio:

Vaporetto Stop: Ca D'Oro

April 23, 2022 - November 27, 2022

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terra franceschi.jpg


Venice as Disappearing Muse for Art/Education/Design


Venice is a muse for so many creatives and has been for centuries: poets, composers, fashion designers, artists, architects, you name it.

It's a tourist mecca which attracts millions of people each year. Venice lives off its fairytale appeal, its layered history and its unique geographical position on the water. At the same time, it's fragile, barely taken care of, and slowly sinking. This project aims to demonstrate its simultaneous beauty and perilous state.

It features:

  • Several monumental size oil and wax paintings inspired by the Venetian landscape & decay. 

  • A childrens' story that highlights Venice's complicated history of its Jewish Ghetto

  • Fashion designs from Gallerista, reflections of the water printed on Italian silks sourced in the North of Italy, vibrant and beautiful as the Venetian architecture and carnival costumes.

Venice is a city rich with art and history.  Let's not let it disappear. Stelin is working with 2 charities focused on preserving Venetian monuments and art:

Save Venice based in Boston/New York

Les Ailes de Venise based in Paris




Donate now and become a part of a movement to Save Venice!

  • Ride on a Gondola: Virtual Studio Visit $50

  • Be a Patron of the Arts: Own a Signed print $150

  • Become a Collector: Signed Watercolor $450

  • Join the Carnivale: Get a Unique Outfit $700

  • Be a True Sponsor: Get an Oil Piece $2,500

  • Corporate Sponsorship: VIP tours, Press Coverage, Private Workshops, Receptions in Palazzo for your clients, Acknowledgement: $5,000



Join me for this journey through Venice!


April 2022 - November 2022: Show Time!

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