Diana Stelin is an award-winning landscape artist and educator, author and fashion designer. Her lush, layered, shimmering gold leaf, oil and wax pieces are featured in dozens of private and corporate collections. Her interviews can be found in Boston Globe, HyperAllergic, Huffington Post, Mother Nature Network among others. 

“I admire the expression Diana achieves through her energized marks. They animate each painting and really bring them to life. They are very well painted and capture not just an interesting cross between the actual and the abstracted, but really provide a sense of place with quite positive energy.” Elizabeth Erdreich White Fine Art: Corporate Art Consultant 


Her sense of color and tone rivals that of the Modern Masters.  Her compositions flirt with fantasy yet somehow keep two feet planted firmly on the ground. Caroline Cox, Fine Art Consultant, Salem, MA


"So grounding! All the while the wind is blowing in so many directions and there is such fervor in every day these days - but the center is there holding it all together! Art can give strength. This is proof." Petra, Brookline

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Marble Surface

Venice Biennale Public Art project

Three tier project in which you can participate today has been approved!

1) 2 Monumental Pieces of Venice

2) A virtual and in person treasure hunt and quest based on those pieces around Venice

3) A contest for sketches of Venice to be featured as new fabric designs