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I miss this meditative experience so muc


Launching in September '21, Diana Stelin launches unique meditative art rooms, designed to create corporate respect for employees wellness and growth.

Not only will these rooms feature larger than life pieces that are calming and grounding, but people will be expertly guided through creative productivity classes that will combine art techniques with visioning/goal setting/and more.


It's imperative to reflect our need for healing, for battling overwhelm and burnout post-Covid. As an employer, you want to create areas that are more in line with your culture, your brand. You want to be more human, more considerate. This is your chance to establish restorative spaces within the office that make people flourish and look forward to going to work. 

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"We're but a small speck in this universe"

Stelin focuses exclusively on landscapes, on memorable places that one dissolves into by spending more than a passing second snapping a photo. She expertly catches that moment when a viewer allows herself/himself to truly melt into the surroundings, and when borders break between the sky, the trees and architecture blends beautifully into the natural world.


Stelin paints multilayered palette knife landscapes in oil and cold wax, which she partially melts with a heating lamp to dissolve different objects on canvas into one another. The drips are her signature element: the dark ones are emotional strokes that create grids within a painting. The lighter ones are semitransparent, and partially show the layers of paint beneath them.

Stelin's technique is a dance between realistic and abstract landscapes, between watercolor and oil techniques. She begins with a watercolor in plein-air. Stelin subsequently translates the drawing to canvas in the same expressive manner adopted for the initial watercolor painting, employing an impasto technique of oils mixed with cold wax.

The last and most rewarding part of the process is the melting of wax. It comes as a 4th or 5th layer of the painting. It requires patience, has an element of surprise, yet can be controlled, and it connects various sections of the unique oil on canvas. Because it's a textured layer on top of other layers, it breaks down lines between subjects, and literally melts one state into another. It also creates mini compositions within a painting, so that your eye always wanders around the canvas and catches new nuances hidden within the layers. At the same time Stelin adds in authentic gold leaf to the now abstract landscape, as well as 3-D sculptural elements.

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